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Clog - Repertoire 2014/15
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English Miscellany cloggies dance step clog mostly from northern England plus some from the Scottish and Welsh borders. We choreograph some of our routines to add variety to our shows and to suit the number of performers available and the virtuosity of our members!

Our dances are ones which we have learnt at folk festivals, workshops and from individuals. We have also added our own versions and style to some of the sequences! Our group is very much a mixed ability group with the beginners concentrating on the simpler routines and steps and the more experienced challenging themselves with more difficult dances.

Here is a list of the current routines in our repertoire:

Durham Hornpipe Pat Tracey Old Lancs A and C
Durham Waltz Ragtime Westmoreland
East Fife Regent's Park Hornpipe
Lancashire Irish Westmoreland Reel
Marley Military Drum Roll Welsh Steps

New members are always welcome to join the clog section, though the best time to come along is in September at the start of our practice season.