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Cotswold Morris - Repertoire 2015/16
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The Cotswold Morris section currently has 9 dancing members and several accomplished musicians playing a variety of instruments. There is a great diversity in age, experience and girth, but all the men share the same enthusiasm for the tradition. We have a repertoire with some of the dances (and dancers!) dating back to the formation of this section, but we aim to add new material each year. Here is a list of the traditions and dances we are honing to perfection this year:- for the uninitiated those marked with an "H" are hankie dances and those marked with an "S" are stick dances. If you are thinking of taking up Cotswold Morris and want to try us out, September is the start of our rehearsal season so get in touch in time for the new season!

Adderbury dances: Badby dances:
Black joke ... H Beaux of London City ... S
Flowing Bowl ... S Broad Cupid ... H
Postman's Knock ... S Saturday Night ... H
Skirmish ... S
Sweet Jenny Jones ... S
Bampton dances: Fieldtown dances:
Banbury Bill ... H Nutting Girl (jig) ... H
Constant Billy ... H
Highland Mary ... H
Jenny Lynd ... S
Jockey to the Fair (jig) ... H?
Lichfield dances: Stanton Harcourt dances:
Millie’s Bequest ... S Greensleeves ...S & H
Ring o'Bells ... S Nightingale ...S & H
Vandals of Hammerwich ... S
Sword dance: Upton upon Severn dance:
North Skelton ... Swords Stick dance ... S