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Country & Court - Repertoire 2015/16
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The country dance section of English Miscellany displays both country and Playford dances. Our repertoire consists of dances from many parts of England and our country dances are both traditional and modern. Most of our dances are linked together to form sequences and are choreographed to add interest and variety to our programmes. September to December is the time when we try out new dances for the next season so the following list of dances in our repertoire is at the moment incomplete because we are still working on adding to them!

Country dances:
Bigamy Round Mr Isaacs
Circle Sequence
The Doldrum
Confesse The Round, Mr Isaac's Maggot
General Ganiford's Lasses: The Roundabout Sequence:
(Mr. Ganniford's Maggot; Lasses of Portsmouth; The General) (Star Waltz; Hemel Hempstead Roundabout; Hullican Roundabout)
Trip to Hatfield:
(Trip to Mill Hill; Hatfield House)
Twickenham Ferry
Postal Knot sequence:
(The Postmistress; Thornton Hall; Frisian Knot)