Photo Gallery

Here are some photographs of English Miscellany, their visits, visitors and activities.

The group gathered in the Town Hall courtyard in Stockholm.

Cotswold Morris section performing The Vandalls of Hammerwich on tha stage at Järva Folkets Park, Eggeby Gård, Stockholm.

Country performing in front of the Town Hall in Stockholm.

Some of the Clog section performing on tha stage at Jãrva Folkets Park, Eggeby Gärd, Stockholm.

The group doing the tourist bit at the Gold Room in Stockholm Town Hall.

More social activities with our friends from Spånga Folkdansgille, in their base.

Country performing on the stage set up in a bullring in Portugal.

Saime, from Riga in Latvia group performing at Covent Garden. This dance involves holding on to the left leg of the person in front or beside and hopping in time to the music.

Cotswold section performing the Ring O' Bells (Lichfield) on the road outside the 'Rose and Crown' in St. Michaels (St Albans). The road is closed on one Wednesday evening in the summer (usually the 1st in July) and many local sides perform for large crowds.