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Song - Repertoire 2015/16
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English Miscellany Song Section performs songs that we enjoy singing. We always sing from memory, except at Christmas time when we often sing carols from a wide list, but even then we have a repertoire of more folk-style carols and wassails. Here is our current list of songs we perform without a safety net. In addition to these, we sing many songs at social occasions.

Bricks and Straw High Germany
John Ball John Barleycorn
Keep you in Peace Leather Bottel
Only Remembered Parting Song
Pleasant and Delightful Sweet Nightingale
Shoals of Herring Whip Jamboree
Wraggle-Taggle Gypsies

We also accompany the dancers in the following dances

Durham waltz (step clog): She's a Lassie from Lancashire; Come and Make Eyes at me; Daisy, Daisy;
  I'm forever Blowing Bubbles; After the Ball is over.
East Hyde (NW Morris): Brighton Camp.